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I was going to study medicine, then life happened and choices took me elsewhere but the passion remained which later materialized into general practice nurse and cosmetology studies.

Now for almost 30 years I have been working in this exciting and dynamic world of cosmetology which includes not only professional practice in treatments of my clients' skin but also educational work in preparing future cosmetologists. It is important for me not only to share my experience and knowledge with young professionals but also to promote high standards of work ethics and professionalism.

My goal and desire is to help people take care of their skin by providing professional services and sharing knowledge that can be used by anyone who wants to maintain a healthy skin condition. It is easy to get lost in modern abundance and excess so in this store you will only find products that had been tested and recommended by cosmetologists and myself, personally. 

Skin is our body, it has physiology, needs and different conditions. Taking care of it is utterly important because it is part of taking care of yourself and your health.

I believe that beautiful skin is healthy skin. BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE IT'S HEALTHY.


With love




About us