Sothys Noctuelle Renovative night cream, 50ml

Sothys Noctuelle Renovative night cream, 50ml

Sothys Noctuelle Renovative night cream, 50ml

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Night after night, this relaxingly scented cream visibly renews your skin's youth. Its formula is based on cosmetic antiaging power enhanced with seaweed and AHA complex + organic blackcurrant bud extract. After a day of external aggression, the skin is visibly regenerated and renewed, in the morning it looks rested and younger.


At the end of the day, during which the skin was exposed to negative environmental factors, the skin can rest at night: after applying this cream, it visibly renews itself and takes advantage of the night's restorative power. So in the morning, she looks renewed, rested and younger. 

Sea buckthorn oil is particularly rich in antioxidants and nutrients, including omega 3/6/7/9 acids, which protect and regenerate the skin.

A cocktail of vitamins A/C/E/F - helps the skin to repair itself.

Organic blackcurrant buds - inspired by gemotherapy, have oxygenating properties.

Jania Rubens Algae - helps fight aggression experienced during the day, processes free radicals and stimulates collagen synthesis,

Marine collagen - due to its small size, these oligopeptides obtained from fish skin or scales can effectively interact with the skin.

AHA Acid - This glycolic acid is embedded in an amino acid to promote cell renewal.

Apply in the evening, after your serum, on the face and neck. Avoid eyeliner. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Šios prekės užsakymas galimas tik po kosmetologo konsultacijos. Užpildykite žemiau esančia forma ir mes su jumis susisieksime artimiausiu metu ♡

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