Flawless skin color serum SOTHYS Illuminating dark spot serum, 30ml

Flawless skin color serum SOTHYS Illuminating dark spot serum, 30ml

Flawless skin color serum SOTHYS Illuminating dark spot serum, 30ml

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Key to the effectiveness of brightening care, this serum is a unique combination of 9 ingredients derived from science and nature to combat pigmentation imperfections at any level.

PURPOSE: all skin types

This serum is ideal for use before sun protection for optimal skin protection against photoaging.


Organic white-flowered nettle extract is known for its rich content of phenolic compounds, especially flavonoids. Sothys advanced research has proven that this extract can reduce the expression of three key genes involved in the development of age spots by 90%**

Red algae are especially rich in sugars. It can limit melanogenesis by acting on deep-seated melanocytes and can also limit the appearance of dark spots**.

Azelaic acid derivative applied in such a way that it is in complete contact with the skin, it can reduce the production of melanin**.

Citric acid is an alpha hydroxy acid with a chemical exfoliating effect, thus stimulating cell renewal and helping to remove existing dark spots.

Niacinamide - s promotes the glow of the face due to the biological effect of reducing skin hyperpigmentation

N-acetyl-glucosamine is obtained by biofermentation and is a direct precursor of hyaluronic acid. It is also known for its ability to ease peeling and flaking.

Stabilized vitamin C is a widely known lightening active ingredient that can act on the melanogenesis process. In this way, it reduces the formation of melanin and reduces the pigmentation of the melanin already present in the epidermis.

Encapsulated ferulic acid is a powerful antioxidant

Iris extract - barrier function, toning, anti-aging.


Used as part of a skin care regimen morning and evening on face, neck, décolletage and hands. Can be used topically on each pigment spot for an even better targeted effect.

Cosmetologist's advice:

Ideal for reapplying throughout the day, especially on pigmented skin imperfections on the hands.

For the brightening skin care to work effectively, we recommend limiting exposure to the sun and protecting yourself with appropriate sun protection products.

* Genetic test ** In-vitro test

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