Cream with lactic acid NOON Aesthetics Lacto-10, 50 g

Cream with lactic acid NOON Aesthetics Lacto-10, 50 g

Cream with lactic acid NOON Aesthetics Lacto-10, 50 g

Lacto-10 is one of the most effective creams that accelerate skin rejuvenation, improve its texture, and improve skin tone and moisture levels. DermShield ™ technology with high concentrations of 10% lactic acid (pH 3.5) allows the cream to be used on all skin types, in all seasons, without causing the skin irritation or drying usually associated with alpha hydroxy acids. Contains no oils, easily absorbed, suitable for all skin types.

- Suppresses the formation of all types of wrinkles
- Stimulates epidermal renewal and cell exfoliation
- Safe to use on the skin around the eyes
- Prevents the accumulation of sun damage and restores the skin in already damaged areas
- Goes well with other cosmetic products or medical ointments

Method of use

Apply a thin layer on the face and neck area 2 times. per day or as recommended by a skin care professional. It is recommended to use a sunscreen during the day.
Warnings : For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Contains strontium chloride. Store in a dry, cool place. After use, avoid direct sunlight.

Active substances

10% lactic acid
pH 3.5

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